Hobby Clean Mag Thermo – Lämpömittari ja levämagneetti 2in1

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Hobby Clean Mag Thermo – Lämpömittari levämagneetissa

Kätevästi lämpömittari ja levämagneetti samassa tuotteessa.
Soveltuu max 6 mm lasille.

Attention aquarium owners! We have the solution for a clean and healthy aquarium. Our Clean Mag Thermo with digital temperature display is the perfect tool for every aquarium owner. With this cleaning magnet, you can clean your aquarium glass easily and quickly from the inside and keep an eye on the water temperature at the same time.

Our cleaning magnet is equipped with a strong magnet that adheres securely to aquarium glass up to 6 mm. The built-in digital temperature display shows you the exact water temperature at all times, so you can always see whether your aquarium is in the optimal temperature range. This is especially important for the health of your aquarium inhabitants. Our Clean Mag Thermo with digital thermometer is the ideal helper to clean your aquarium glass in a flash and without the hassle of handling it with wet hands. This saves time and effort, and clean panes mean a better view of the underwater world and thus more enjoyment of the hobby.


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