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Arcadia ShedSupport 30g

An easy to use vitamin and mineral powder to aid with reptilian shedding. A potent blend of natural plants, vitamins and minerals that are used for 5 days over the shedding cycle. includes Carotenoids and Bee Pollen.
To aid with reptilian shedding:

EarthPro-ShedSupport is a dosed, capsulated mineral and vitamin powder to be used over the usual shedding cycle.

Many of the problems surrounding poor shedding are caused by poor nutrition, poor hydration and inaccurate humidity. Animals with low levels of B vitamins can experience difficult or partial sheds.

This clever, dosed powder helps to provide support to animals from the ‘inside out’, boosting levels of those nutrients quickly depleted during the rigours of the shedding cycle.

EarthPro-ShedSupport contains a double dose of B vitamins, natural vitamin E from plants and Bee Pollen to aid with skin health.

Start using EarthPro-ShedSupport and you should see a great improvement in your animal’s shedding.

If your pet is experiencing poor shedding, never pull shedding skin from your reptile without first softening it.

An excellent way to do this for snakes is to place them in a slightly damp pillowcase in a warm place for a few hours. Usually, they will have released the rest of the skin in that time but it can be helped along at that stage.

For lizards, spraying with water a few times a day during the shedding period will also assist them.

However, both these methods only fix the symptom of poor shedding, not the cause. We recommend ShedSupport to boost nutrition from the inside out and replenish those stores lost during the process.

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