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Habistat Log Hideout

100% luonnontuote, koko ja malli vaihtelee.
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Medium  kooon pituus noin 17 cm
Large koon pituus noin  22-23 cm

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The HabiStat range of Log Hideouts offer security and privacy for any hiding terrestrial Reptile or Amphibian whilst also adding a natural aesthetic look to any enclosure.These 100% natural hideouts have the bark stripped off allowing for a smoother finish. Perfectly suited to an arid, savanna, grassland or desert environment.The Hideouts are arched to enable entry from both ends and provide both a place to hide and to bask upon. The Hideouts can be used in a number of ways:

  • Help the animal feel safe and secure but also allow for thermoregulation.
  • Add damp moss to create a humid hide aiding the shedding process.
  • Privacy for egg-laying females.

Please note as the range is 100% natural the sizes and shape may vary as each one is unique.




Medium, large


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