Sera super peat 500g – Turverouhe pH:n alentamiseen (eng)

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Natural tropic black water

  • Lastingly stabilizes a slightly acidic pH value
  • Gentle reduction of water hardness
  • Lasting release of valuable humic acids and fulvic acids
  • Natural chelate formers bind toxic heavy metals
  • Prophylactic against spawn fungus and infestation
  • Mucous membrane protecting effect
  • Natural algae prevention by light filtration
  • Slightly amber colored tint enhances stress reducing effect
  • Appropriate blackwater effect for tropical aquariums

The natural living environments of fish, such as discus, angelfish or neon tetras, are characterizes by very soft, slightly acidic and often slightly dark tinted water. You can achieve these so-called tropical blackwater conditions without any trouble and lastingly with sera super peat.

The functional granulate consisting of natural black peat lastingly lowers the KH and stabilizes the pH value in the slightly acidic range when simply placed in the filter. Furthermore, it continuously releases valuable humic and fulvic acids.

Annostus 2-5g rouhetta suodattimen sisälle per vesilitraa kohden. KH:n pitäisi olla noin 4 ennen käsittelyn aloittamista. Teho alkaa 2-4 vrk kuluttua lisäyksestä ja kestää noin 6 viikkoa.

Testaa vesiarvoja käytön aikana, että ne ovat kaloillesi sopivat.


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