Hobby Jungle Liana 100-120cm

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Hobby Jungle Liana 100-120cm 

These beautiful, natural lianas are ideal for decorating a terrarium. Jungle lianas vary in thickness and appearance, with some being more or less twisted in on themselves than others. Every liana is therefore very distinctive and unique. The lianas, also called monkey ladders, are handpicked and harvested in the rainforests of South America. Great care is taken to ensure that no living wood is taken from the forests. Lianas (Bauhinia Glabra) are extremely tough and also excellently suited for tropical terraria with high levels of humidity.
The lianas are approximately 115 cm long with a width of 3 – 5 cm.

The Advantages of the Product at a Glance:

  • natural lianas for decorating a terrarium
  • handpicked, individual and unique lianas
  • carefully selected and picked
  • extremely tough and ideal for tropical terrariums with high humidity
  • length of the lianas: approx. 100-120cm, width: 3 – 5 cm

Please note: Not suitable for aquaria!


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