Arcadia D3+ Desert Reptile – T8 loisteputket 12% UVB

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Arcadia D3+ Desert Reptile T8

  • Suunniteltu jäljittelemään mahdollisimman tarkasti luonnollisen auringonvalon spektriä.
  • 12% UVB
  • 30% UVA
  • Aavikon asukkaille, ja matelijoille joilla korkeampi UV tarve.
  • Auttaa tuottamaan D3 vitamiinia
  • Värisävy 6600K
  •  Ø26mm
  • Pitkäikäinen, vaihtoväli 1 vuosi


Tarkista matelijasi UV: putken tarve ja  oikea etäisyys täältä


45cm 15W
60cm 18W
75 cm 25W
90cm 30W NOUTO
120cm 36W NOUTO


Valmistajan tuotesivuilta:

Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ T8 lamps have been specifically designed with animal health in mind. We are proud to have the world’s highest output T8 lamps in 6% and 12% UVB.

All of our UVB percentages are measured as part of the total output of light from the lamp and after the all important first 100 hours of output. You can be rest assured that by using Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ lamps that you are providing the very best in T8 technology. The Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ UVB lamps are effective to for one whole year and will keep your animal in tip top condition.

Arcadia Reptile T8 D3 and D3+ lamps have a high UV-A output (30%), providing all the elements which are so vital to the welfare of the reptiles. As full spectrum lamps, they help simulate sunlight. This provides high colour rendering for enhanced viewing of your reptiles and their environment. The colour temperature of 6,500K replicates typical daylight conditions.



15W, 18W, 25W, 30W, 36W


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