Arcadia LumenIZE PROT5 UVB KIT D3 12% – Himmennettävä valaisin 12% UVB putkella

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Arcadia LumenIZE PROT5 UVB KIT D3 12% 

T5 putkella varustettu valaisin, johon saa tehtyä auringonnousut – ja laskut ja kausivalaistuksen kännykkään asennettavalla apilla.
IP65 suojattu, eli kestää hyvin voimakastakin sadetusta ja pölymäärää.
Lampun vaihto onnistuu käden käänteessä.

24W – 60cm
39W – 90cm

Arcadia LumenIZE

Control T5 UV-B lamps easily and accurately for the very first time! Our trusted T5 lamps from 8w ShadeDweller right up to 54w are available within the LumenIZE® enabled ProT5 kits in all % of UV-B.

Create wild-like sunrise/sunset lighting patterns easily and say goodbye to standard ‘on/off’ quite shocking full sunlight lighting. ProT5 with LumenIZE® is sleek, effective, offers smooth dimming patterns which puts you in control of replicating the sun as closely as possible.

LumenIZE® enabled ProT5  has also been upgraded to the IP65 standard for water resistance, making it the perfect choice for all types of biome. This is made possible with our brand new easy change ‘push on/lock in’ lamp holders. Increase animal welfare and save energy!

Did you know that typical LumenIZE® systems can reduce energy spend by a massive 30%!  Simply download the free LumenIZE® app onto your phone or other device, connect to the LumenIZE® enabled lamp via a secure Bluetooth connection and create wild-like lighting cycles, seasons and even have the ability to set UV index values via one easy App



Experience precise lighting control with our advanced technology, allowing you to tailor lighting to meet the specific needs of your reptiles per day and season.

Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE® ProT5 and JungleDawn-LED Bars have been updated to the IP65 standard of water resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in humid reptile habitats.

Embrace energy savings of up to 30% without compromising on lighting quality, creating a wild-like circadian rhythm whilst also reducing the environmental impact and saving on electricity costs.  ​

Both ProT5 and Led Bar have been improved to increase light output, delivering essential full-spectrum+UVB and visible light whilst also adding in essential control

Create dynamic lighting patterns that mimic the natural light cycles of your reptile’s native habitat, promoting natural behaviours and overall well-being. With a simple adjustment to your lighting cycles, you can now include seasonal decreases and increases for species that brumate or hibernate, easily, naturally and without fuss.

Our products are designed to aid hassle-free lamp replacements, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted lighting experience for your reptiles. A brand new IP65 lamp holder system has been created which simply makes lamp changes easy, reduces accidental breakages and speeds up the process.

LumenIZE® enabled devices have been fitted with an internal memory back-up battery. If a power cut occurs the battery will keep the internal memory and clock working. When power is restored to the lamp, it will then turn back on at the right position and time. This battery is replaceable

Safe and secure integrated Bluetooth-enabled memory and clock built into each lamp



24W, 39W


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