Aquael Shrimp Set Day & Night White – 30l akvaariopaketti

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Aquael Shrimp Set Day & Night  White – 30l akvaariopaketti

on kattava paketti rapuharrastuksen aloittamiseen tai vaikkapa vaan kasvialtaaksi.

Pakkaus sisältää:

  • 30 litraisen akvaarion lasikannella
  • Turbo Mini Filter suodattimen, 320l/h
  • Leddy Smart Day & Night -valaisimen valkoisena, jossa valittavana 2 päivänvalo- ja yksi yövalovaihtoehto. 4,8W.
  • Aquael FIX 2 lämmittimen, joka lämmittää altaan veden 25C asteiseksi. Teho 50W. Lämmittimen käyttöohjeen löydät täältä.
  • Valmistettu Euroopassa

Akvaarion mitat 29cm x 29cm x 35cm

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Tuotekuvassa Aquaelin 20 litranen allas mustalla valaisimella.

Aquaelin käyttöohje:

DIRECTIONS FOR USE. SHRIMP SET SMART DAY & NIGHT is a fully equipped aquarium set designed for the keeping of shrimp and small fish and for the cultivation of aquatic plants. The set includes a modern cube-shaped tank glued with transparent silicone and equipped with a glass lid. The lighting unit employed in the SHRIMP SET SMART DAY & NIGHT set consists of a LED lamp –LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT which is intended to be mounted on the edge of one of the tank walls. LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT lamp can work in three modes: SUNNY / SUNNY + BLUE / BLUE. Operating in the SUNNY mode, it emits light with a color similar to daylight, ensuring perfect reproduction of natural colors of fish and good conditions for growth of plants. The BLUE mode provides blue light – a night one – imitating the natural light of the moon. Its use is particularly recommended in fish tanks with night life, allowing them to be observed freely after switching off daylight. After switching on, the lamp automatically sets itself to the SUNNY operational mode. Change of the operational mode SUNNY SUNNY + BLUE BLUE occurs after switching off and on the lamp with a switch in no more than 5 seconds. Switching directly to the SUNNY mode takes place after switching off the lamp for a period of more than 5 seconds and then its restarting. Water filtration in the tank is handled by the modern, highperformance TURBO MINI internal filter. Smooth performance control makes it possible to adjust the intensity of water treatment depending on one’s needs. In addition, the set includes an automatic heater designed to maintain constant water temperature. The SHRIMP SET SMART DAY & NIGHT set is ideal for creating shrimp tanks and small plant aquariums as well as for keeping small fish. Thanks to its particularly stylish design, the set will fit perfectly into any modern interior.

ASSEMBLY, OPERATION, PERFORMANCE ADJUSTMENT. Place the aquarium tank on a flat and stable surface. Corners should be installed under the bottom of the aquarium to protect them from damage. Install the TURBO MINI filter inside the tank, as shown on the title page of this manual. The LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT lamp (Fig. 3) is complete and ready for use. To install the lamp, simply push its holder onto the edge of one of the side walls of the tank, as shown on the title page of this manual. The FIX 2 heater (Fig. 4) is IPX8-rated waterproof must work in full draft and can be mounted inside an aquarium tank in virtually any position. Do not stick the heater into the gravel or sand! When installing the heater, keep in mind that the water level can decrease due to evaporation. Fix the heater to a tank wall using the hanger, which should be placed at the top of the heater, directly below its head. Mount the heater in a spot where there is an uninterrupted and even flow of water. The heater maintains a constant water temperature in the aquarium equal to 25°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C.




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